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It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.


Running, talking, thinking and building to finish fast and finish strong.

  • What is a Stage Race?

    Interested in finding out more about stage races and the Grand-to-Grand Ultra? Check out this new article about the race, the personalities, and the challenges I get to face in September!


  • Pushing through

    Great running today, thanks to an awesome family and beautiful weather. As I was out on the trail, I began thinking about the purpose of this run: to call attention to the needs of transitioning veterans and to raise funds to support them. This really came to mind as I was heading through a difficult portion of the trail and felt my energy flagging -- this is what it means when they say "it's a marathon, not a sprint." Our servicemembers have to address a number of obstacles as they come out of the military, and surely some days they are just sick of it and need a rest. Good motivation for me to stick with it, and something I wanted to pass on to my supporters to help you with your moments of low energy.

    One last thought: I've been thinking about running the race in standard Army-issue gear. Almost anyone will tell you to get these trail shoes, that bag, those special tools, etc. But our men and women in uniform complete the mission with the tools they are given -- perhaps I could carry that message home running with an Army ruck, eating MRE's, using the Army sleep system, and so on. Any thoughts? Please leave me some feedback in the comments, and thank you for your support on this adventure.
  • Get Ready -- GO! GO! GO!

    When deciding whether to attend the U.S. Army Airborne School at Fort Benning, Georgia, many servicemembers ask themselves "will I really be able to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?" The very fear of the final goal keeps many good men and women from stepping forward for this school. What they don't know is that, by the time you get to the airplane, jumping is the easiest thing in the world.

    Ranger School has the same mental barrier: "will I be able to go that long without sleep? without food? on my feet?" The fear of the obstacles prevents the servicemember from taking the first step, and they never get a chance to face this challenge-of-challenges.

    The Grand-to-Grand Ultra is, by far, the biggest and longest race I've ever attempted. I can't promise I'll finish in record time, or even finish at all. I can't assure anyone that I know what every stage will bring, or begin to explain how I'll overcome every difficulty I'm sure to encounter. I do know, however, that my fellow veterans have overcome far greater challenges: recovering from physical or emotional injury, returning to civilian life after decades in the military, or taking risks to make their lives better even if they don't have the final plan worked out.

    GallantFew recognizes that no one can predict every single step on the road to transition, but stands ready to provide guidance, offer support, and inspire confidence that every challenge is surmountable by those with the will to struggle. I will keep in mind those who have achieved much greater things than I can ever hope as I "put one foot in front of the other" this September.

    Thanks to all for your support and encouragement.
  • Sponsors for Fight Harder

    Fight Harder couldn't happen without the generosity and ongoing support of our sponsors, who provide funds and in-kind donations to support our run, benefit GallantFew, and ensure that our transitioning veterans receive the assistance they deserve!

    Wiivv designs and makes the world’s most advanced custom-fit footwear, accessible to everyone from a smartphone. Our products are function-first and highly personalized. From person to person, even left to right, every foot is unique. Wiivv Custom Fit 3D Printed Insoles provide enhanced bio-mechanical support and
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    Lazy Jane Wellness focuses on all-natural products for health and beauty, and provides a useful ingredient list for those concerned about what is going into the items they use. With an emphasis on organic sources and whole foods, Lazy Jane Wellness offers a contently-updated and curated guide to the best purchases for you and your family. 
  • Never shall I fail my comrades

    Never shall I fail my comrades. I will always keep myself mentally alert, physically strong, and morally straight, and I will shoulder more than my share of the task, whatever it may be, one hundred percent and then some.
    In times of uncertainty, doubt, or confusion, the Ranger Creed provides a touchstone to rely on. Every graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School knows it well, as do members of the Army's storied 75th Ranger Regiment. 
    The third stanza, written above, is a reminder that every Ranger has a duty to every other servicemember. Whether we are overseas, in training, or out of the military, the duties of the Creed remain. GallantFew understands this:
    GallantFew’s mission is to prevent veteran isolation by connecting new veterans with hometown veteran mentors, thereby facilitating a peaceful, successful transition from military service to a civilian life filled with hope and purpose.

    We do this by creating and supporting a nationwide network of successfully transitioned veterans that engage locally with new veterans with the same military background now going through transition and by motivating communities all over the nation to take responsibility for veterans returning; welcoming, connecting, and including.

    We believe this will prevent veteran unemployment, homelessness and suicide.
    We fail our comrades when we let them struggle without assistance, or when we ignore their issues to focus on our own. GallantFew works tirelessly to honor the Ranger Creed and to provide valuable services, time and energy to these men and women. It is a privilege to run for such a great organization.

  • Shout-out to Wiivv

    Many of the men and women GallantFew works with have suffered injuries during their military service. For some, these injuries are life-altering and unimaginable for many of us. Other injuries are relatively minor, but can still affect someone's ability to stay active, hold certain jobs, or enjoy basic relaxations such as a walk around the block.
    Wiivv has provided me with two pairs of custom 3D-printed insoles for my training. I downloaded an iPhone app, took a few pictures of my feet, and a week later had them in my shoes. So far, so good! Great support, especially on trail running which involves a lot of lateral movement. 

    I encourage my run supporters to check them out, and they've offered a 20% discount if you order from here.
    Thanks to all!
  • Beautiful trail run this morning

    About seven and a half miles this morning with a bit of mud, an amazing Texas sky, and a few other runners to keep me motivated. As I was catching my stride, I found myself thinking about a local Gold Star Families Memorial I am helping to get built here in north Texas. My role is very small, but it keeps my energies up to know we care not just about the men and women who sacrificed for our country, but also for their families and for the things, large and small, they have given up. 170 miles is a long way to run, and we're supposed to pack very light, but I know I can find room in the ruck for a few symbolic items from Gold Star Families.

    If you know someone who has an item they would like me to carry in the race, please have them reach out to me. And thanks, as always, to my friends, family, and sponsors supporting me in this effort.


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