• Pushing through

    Great running today, thanks to an awesome family and beautiful weather. As I was out on the trail, I began thinking about the purpose of this run: to call attention to the needs of transitioning veterans and to raise funds to support them. This really came to mind as I was heading through a difficult portion of the trail and felt my energy flagging -- this is what it means when they say "it's a marathon, not a sprint." Our servicemembers have to address a number of obstacles as they come out of the military, and surely some days they are just sick of it and need a rest. Good motivation for me to stick with it, and something I wanted to pass on to my supporters to help you with your moments of low energy.

    One last thought: I've been thinking about running the race in standard Army-issue gear. Almost anyone will tell you to get these trail shoes, that bag, those special tools, etc. But our men and women in uniform complete the mission with the tools they are given -- perhaps I could carry that message home running with an Army ruck, eating MRE's, using the Army sleep system, and so on. Any thoughts? Please leave me some feedback in the comments, and thank you for your support on this adventure.
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    1. I'd say you've some decent "muscle memory" if you decide to take that route, or...in that gear. Whatever! You know what I mean.

      Your body has the memory of Ranger School and the Soldier's Half Marathon. Both of which were completed using standard Army gear.